Term & Conditions: Photo and Photo & Video Slideshows

Terms & Conditions

Simple Photo Slideshow 

Simple Photo & Video Slideshow



Elated Reunions will not share any of your photos and videos with any one and will only keep archived uploaded photos or videos a year from when you uploaded them. 


For right now, all slideshows will be emailed back to you. There will not be any copies available for mailing at this time.


Elated Reunions will send proofs of slideshows when selected that you want a proof before you receive final product.  When proofs are sent you can email us back with any changes you would like.  Keep in mind these are simple slideshows, if changes are more than what the simple slideshows offer than there may be an extra charge applied.

Elated Reunions will not be liable or responsible for any copyrighted photos, videos, or music uploaded and have chosen to use in your slideshow.

Elated Reunions name will not be anywhere on or in your slideshow.  Once you are sent your final product, it's all yours.


These slideshows are non-refundable.


Thank You for choosing Elated Reunions to help you visualize your memories!